UNSW launches new Flexible Work Policy

20 Jan 2022
Flexible working

The new policy better reflects the changing nature of the way we now work. 

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has required us to make significant changes to the way we live and work. During this time, we have learned the many benefits of flexible work, and the positive impact that adopting a more flexible range of work options can have for both staff and for UNSW.
In 2020, a survey told us that more than 80% of UNSW staff felt positively about the experience of working virtually and online, citing the benefits of reduced commute times, trying new ways of doing things, increased productivity, and reduced distractions. It also told us that you missed the in-person engagement and collaboration that working on a vibrant campus provides.
UNSW is committed to developing a high-performing workplace culture that supports the needs of a diverse workforce, and one which enables staff to integrate their work and other life responsibilities. With your input, we have now finalised the new UNSW Flexible Work Policy, which better reflects the changing nature of the way we now work. 
The new policy is principles based and starts from a position of supporting flexibility in the workplace. It proceeds on the basis of trust and mutual responsibility, recognising that flexible working options may need to change over time for many reasons, including operational ones. The policy is supported by a toolkit and resources for staff and managers which can be found on the HR hub.
If you have any questions about the Flexible Work Policy, please direct them to your HR Business Partnering team.