Get the tools you need to navigate your children’s squabbling

19 Jul 2023
Two children playing

Benestar’s latest webinar is designed to equip parents with skills to managing sibling relationships.

Do your children compete or fight with each other, with their cousins, peers or friends? With the right support, sibling and peer rivalry can provide an opportunity to learn peaceful conflict resolution skills and build loving relationships.

Benestar’s webinar, Relationships: Overcoming sibling rivalry and peer conflict, will be held at 1pm on Thursday 17 August. 

You’ll learn strategies to reduce sibling rivalry in your home. The host will discuss how you can help your children develop the life skills they need to get along with family, friends and peers. Join Dr Rosina McAlpine, parenting expert and creator of the Win Win Parenting program as she explores:

  • Why sibling and peer relationships are so important
  • Research on siblings and peers
  • Planning ahead for a new baby, easing the transition for the older sibling
  • Navigating major changes when the baby arrives
  • Managing combative and competitive relationships between siblings and peers
  • Practical strategies for overcoming sibling and peer rivalry
  • Q&A session. 

This webinar is designed for parents of children from toddlers to teenagers. It is part of the Work-Family Support Program. Once you have registered, you will automatically be enrolled and advised of all upcoming webinars in the series. You'll also be able to access the Resource Centre for video replays and other useful resources.

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