Find out how your students experience your courses

19 Jul 2023
A student standing by Globe Lawn

Gather insights on your students’ course experience in the Term 2 myExperience survey. 

From Monday 24 July to Thursday 10 August, UNSW Sydney students can participate in the myExperience survey. This end of session survey covers how students engage with their courses.  

For teaching staff who are new to UNSW, or those who may not be familiar with the survey, we recommend setting aside a few minutes of in-class time, mid-way through the lesson with the most attendance, to complete it. 

Staff who devote class time to the survey often have a higher response rate and a more accurate description of their students’ thinking. 

Along with the downloadable resources to display in your class, we recommend teachers follow these guides when communicating about the myExperience survey: 

  • Tell your students that you value their honest and constructive feedback, and that you use myExperience data to make changes to your courses and programs
  • Explain that their support in completing the myExperience surveys helps not only you and the teaching community, but also makes a difference to the next group of students taking these courses. Thoughts from students currently taking the courses they plan to take will make a difference for them
  • If possible, share examples of how you have changed your courses because of student feedback. You can do this by using myFeedback Matters inside the course Moodle. 

Once you have gathered these insights, you may want to hear from other colleagues on their techniques for reading and processing student feedback. 

For more information on myExperience, please contact