CATS rooms upgraded to Windows 10

07 Feb 2019
Windows 10

Touch-enabled, interactive displays with the power of Windows 10 have been installed in all CATS rooms, giving educators greater functionality in the classroom. 

In November 2018, UNSW IT began upgrading PCs in CATS rooms to Windows 10. As part of this process, IT also installed touch-enabled, interactive displays at the lecterns.   

This project has now concluded, and 220 rooms have been migrated to the new technology ready for the commencement of Term 1 classes.  

Lecturers now have the benefit of annotating during their lectures, drawing directly onto presentation materials and using touch gestures to zoom, pinch and rotate materials in real time. The new technology can also enhance presentations with virtual 3D models and bring datasets to life at the touch of a finger. 

The upgrade solved several issues, including incompatibility of USB devices, video images dropping off, incorrect PC resolutions and Win 7 supportability issues, with very little cost to the University.   

While this new technology is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, user guides have been posted in the CATS rooms to assist new users.