Hit wellbeing goals with the Virgin Pulse GO app

03 Apr 2023
Woman jogging on forest track

UNSW Sydney staff can work in teams towards their wellbeing goals with a virtual world tour and wellbeing tracking.

We want UNSW to be somewhere you look forward to coming to every day, whether virtually or in person. We want it to be a place where healthy lifestyle choices are valued and encouraged, and where everyone feels supported. And we want to have some fun along the way.

To help us achieve this, UNSW Wellbeing are offering the Virgin Pulse GO (VP GO) health and wellbeing platform to our staff again in 2023. VP GO is a flexible wellbeing program that meets you where you're at. It's a digital health coach, a social connection to your colleagues and an activity challenge all in one. It’s designed to help you take small steps towards improving your health through friendly competition and personalised tracking of your health habits and goals.

What is VP GO?

VP GO is the ultimate health and wellbeing program personalised for you – incorporating a wealth of holistic wellbeing tools at your fingertips. Explore the VP GO video here to find out more. 

What’s in it for me?

  • Daily tips to fit wellbeing into your schedule.
  • Achieve new healthy habits so you can stay on track with your wellbeing goals.
  • UNSW-wide team-based step challenge, Destination GO – a virtual journey around the world.
  • Personal, guided journeys that let you choose how you want to get healthier.
  • Pulse Check health assessment to see how far you’ve come – don’t worry it’s all confidential.
  • Lots, lots more!

 What is Destination GO?

  • A nine-week virtual race around the world.
  • Join or create a team of up to seven people.
  • Track all forms of physical activity – walk, jog, ride, swim, dance, yoga… whatever you like to do, you can convert it to steps.
  • Compete with the teams of your choice – set up your choice of teams as rivals.

The Destination GO challenge starts on Wednesday 24 May and runs until Wednesday 26 July. 

VP GO platform access is open now, and there’s so much you can do before Destination GO starts!

Spaces are limited, so sign up soon to secure your spot.

For more information, visit the Wellbeing website VP GO page.