Update from the UNSW Health Service on COVID-19 vaccinations

16 Feb 2022
Update from the UNSW Health Service on COVID-19 vaccinations

Novavax, Pfizer and children’s vaccinations are all now available.


The UNSW Health Service will commence Novavax vaccinations, week beginning 21 February. It will initially only be available to those who have not been vaccinated yet and is two doses, three weeks apart. There will be two sessions per week and the initial supply is limited to 200 per fortnight.

The use of Novavax as a booster is not currently approved but the Australian Health Minister has applied to the TGA for booster approval. Further information is available here.

Children’s vaccinations

The UNSW Health Service has been vaccinating children from age five to eleven and still has supply. Parents can book their children in using the online system. The Health Service recommends an eight-week interval, based on expert paediatric immunisation advice.


The Pfizer booster program is in full swing, but we are approaching a time where demand looks much slower in late February and into March. Therefore, the UNSW Health Service is planning to only keep a small amount of Pfizer as it only lasts 30 days, so please book ahead. We will also accept walk-in patients for Pfizer boosters until the end of February.

Getting your booster after a COVID-19 infection

If you have had COVID-19, please book ahead for your booster shot. You should receive the shot six to eight weeks after you recover. Booking ahead will help the UNSW Health Service to understand the demand and best meet the needs of its patients.


The Health Service accepts bookings by phone 9385 5425, online or at the front desk.