Don’t lose access to your emails - update your email applications on all your devices

15 Sep 2022
UNSW is updating staff email applications

To continue accessing University email, staff are required to update email applications to a version that supports modern authentication

From 1 October 2022, Microsoft started implementing global changes to their Microsoft 365 (Office) services, to prevent the use of insecure login methods (legacy authentication*), typically associated with the use of older email applications. 

To avoid significant disruption to students and staff, and to allow us to provide effective support to impacted individuals, the University will progressively move away from applications that use basic/legacy authentication, to applications that use modern authentication and that support secure multi-factor authentication.

Some individuals may still be using email applications set up many years ago, such as Outlook (2013 or earlier) and Mac Mail (Mac OS 10.13 or earlier) email clients. These earlier versions of applications:

  • do not support secure authentication methods,
  • expose accounts to potential password compromise, and
  • expose UNSW by allowing attackers to bypass security controls like multi-factor authentication. 

To continue accessing your University emails, impacted staff need to review and update their email applications to a version that supports modern authentication on all the devices where you access UNSW emails. Alternatively, you can always access your UNSW email via Outlook on the web. The Cyber Security website contains FAQs and guides to update to supported email applications based on your device.

If you received communication from the in the past few weeks, please follow the instructions to update your email application to one that supports modern authentication on all your devices, to continue accessing University email.

* Legacy authentication typically describes basic authentication using only a username and password.