Recharge Weeks return in 2022

25 Feb 2022
Woman eating and drinking with laptop on bench

Three recharge weeks will occur in 2022, with the first from Monday 21 – Friday 25 March.

Following the positive feedback on the University’s Recharge Week initiative in 2021, UNSW Sydney will be rolling out three Recharge Weeks across 2022. The first one commences on Monday 21 March, with the second and third to be held in Flexibility Week during Term 2 and Term 3.

During Recharge Week staff are asked to reduce meetings and emails, as much as is practicable, as a way of providing some clear headspace to focus, plan, and catch up on work. Recharge Week is still a regular working week, however with reduced email traffic and meetings. We also encourage taking some annual leave during this time if appropriate.

UNSW recognises that for some teams and individuals the proposed dates for Recharge Week may not be a suitable time to reduce meetings and email traffic, and those teams are encouraged to work together to determine the most suitable time for them to take their Recharge Week(s) over the coming months.

For staff in Canberra, an extended recharge week (formerly soft shutdown) has been scheduled from Monday 4 -Thursday 14 April.