Chancellery rolls out the red carpet for guests

22 Aug 2018
Chancellery Reception

A refit and new hospitality options including dedicated catering provide a more welcoming experience for visitors at The Chancellery.

For many UNSW visitors, The Chancellery might be a first port of call as it’s a much-used setting for meetings, delegations, workshops and other business gatherings. This makes it one of the most important venues to showcase some of the abiding values of UNSW – modern, forward-thinking, responsible and a place where everyone feels welcome.  

This is why the popular space is being given a quick refresh.  

If you have been to The Chancellery recently you would have seen that The Chancellery Reception and foyer sport a new look, thanks to the EM team.  

It is now more open, light, and bright with a new reception desk, new furniture, attractive LCD screens, and digital display boards as UNSW Hospitality took over daily operation and management of the venue, that includes the Council Chamber Rooms and four Committee rooms as well as the Reception area. 

Here are some of the exciting new changes that you will now experience at The Chancellery: 

  1. Fully serviced meeting rooms with complimentary Nespresso coffee/tea and water. 

  1. New reusable glasses/cups and serviceware as all disposable plastic has been removed. 

  1. Fresh naturally flavoured water urns have been introduced. 

  1. New digital display panels in each room, allowing for easier navigation and access to room booking information.  

  1. A Concierge service as the space will be manned daily from 8am – 5pm, and during the night for selected events. 

  1. An exclusive daily caterer for all food & beverage requirements, which will offer a rotating seasonal menu. All meetings at the Chancellery, with the exception of VIP events, will be serviced by the exclusive caterer from September. 

  1. Hospitality will provide staff to serve each gathering, as well as all crockery, cutlery and glassware. 

  1. Hospitality will offer a fixed base menu, which can be built upon according to the customer’s needs, making the F&B experience customisable.

  1. The switch board has also been moved to the Hospitality office, to ensure greater care for incoming callers and a quiet place for the switch to be handled. 

Talking about the recent changes at the Chancellery Reception, Gregg Currie, Head of Hospitality, said: “This is exciting, as we extend hospitality service and complimentary offerings to the all users of the Chancellery.” 

The Hospitality team is currently working on a special webpage especially for the Chancellery, where you can view menus, book catering and place orders. Bookers will be able to place orders up to three hours prior to serving time, except for plated lunches which require a 24 hours prior notice. This online ordering will also enable purchases/orders to be charged to internal account codes, which means freedom from manual invoicing.  

These exciting changes will help UNSW extend a better degree of Hospitality to all our guests, both internal and external.