It’s time for your mid-year myCareer conversation

23 Aug 2018

What have you achieved this year? And what are your goals for the rest of 2018? A MyCareer conversation will provide the answers.

Launched last year, myCareer is a two-way conversation about your career and performance goals. There are three stages to the process: it starts with the year ahead conversation where you discuss your plans and aspirations for the coming year, stage two is the mid-year touch point conversation and it finishes with the end of year conversation which is a reflection on the previous 12 months. 

We have now reached the second stage of myCareer: the mid-year conversation. These conversations can happen any time between now and the end of the year. They are an opportunity to meet and talk about how you are progressing in a more informal way, such as over a coffee. There are no forms to fill out; instead, it's meant to be an opportunity for you to share what you are proud of, what you have achieved in the last six months, discuss challenges / barriers and how to get around them, receive feedback and refine or change goals if necessary. It is also about showing acknowledgement and appreciation for work. 

Each Faculty and Division will prompt mid-year conversations by sending communications, encouraging individuals to reflect on what they’ve achieved so far and how they’re tracking towards the goals they set earlier. Some information to recap on the process and provide support about the mid-year conversation is available on the myCareer website 

Conversation Leaders will also be invited to attend a workshop to ensure they are well prepared for the mid-year conversation. Conversation Leaders who are not able to attend the workshop allocated to their Faculty or Division have the option of joining a different mid-year workshop by registering via EventBrite.   

If you’re a new Conversation Leader, there are also workshops to get you started with the Year- Ahead Conversation too. 

The People and Culture team offers a 1:1 advisory service for Conversation Leaders to assist them in their preparation. Please contact if you are interested. Further information and support for myCareer can be found on the myCareer website.