Academic expertise on show in Indonesia

22 Aug 2018
UNSW Expertise Forum, Jakarta 2018

The UNSW Expertise Forum provided a platform for UNSW academics to showcase their knowledge at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.  

Academics from Arts & Social Sciences, Built Environment and Art & Design presented to a wide audience that included academics, students, government officials and private enterprise from Indonesia and Australia on international relations, housing affordability/liveability and commercial context design. 

Held 24 to 25 July, the forum was officially opened by the Australian Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission, Allaster Cox, and hosted by Liz Campbell-Dorning, Counsellor (Education and Training), and Tim Martin, Trade and Investment Commissioner (Austrade). 

Keynote speaker Dr Alexander Korolev, a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations from the School of Social Sciences, presented on how small and middle powers, such as Indonesia and Australia, can survive and secure their national interests amidst intensifying great power rivalry. In addition to demonstrating UNSW’s academic excellence, Alexander also sees great value in these forums as powerful recruiting tools for Australian institutions. 

“The forum is a successful example of how government institutions and universities can cooperate to create synergy in promoting higher education and research in Australia and attracting talents from overseas,” he said. 

Ms Nur Fatmah, Deputy Director – Indonesian Affairs at UNSW, was equally delighted in the success of the event and the opportunities it provided. 

“It was a very productive event as it was attended by many of UNSW’s key stakeholders,” she said. 

“Indeed, this event is a good method to showcase UNSW expertise. The support from the Deputy Head of Mission (DHOM), Mr. Allaster Cox, of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta legitimated this fruitful event!” 

Dr Laura Crommelin, City Future Researcher, from Built Environment also presented a lecture titled “Housing Affordability and Liveability in the Compact City”.  Associate Professor Vaughan Dai Rees, Associate Dean (International & Engagement), from Art & Design delivered the final talk of the event on using design for commercial context in the fourth industrial state revolution.