Introducing the new Quantitative Benchmarks for academics

04 Apr 2019

Following a period of open feedback, UNSW has a revised set of Quantitative Benchmarks to support academic staff in their career development.

Following extensive consultation and engagement, a revised set of Quantitative Benchmarks (QBs) has been introduced as one important way to support academic staff in their career development and enhance academic excellence at UNSW.

 “We’re grateful for the open and honest feedback academics provided in the many submissions we received from across the university. We took all comments very seriously and they were invaluable in producing a robust set of revised benchmarks,” said UNSW Provost Professor Anne Simmons.

Professor Simmons said the feedback highlighted areas of concern and sensitivity in relation to how the QBs will be applied.

“The comments we received were critical in shaping new content that is available on our new Academic Excellence website.”

UNSW will pilot the QBs during 2019, allowing academics the continued opportunity to provide their feedback. This pilot period will ensure implementation of the QBs support their original purpose; to create a culture of continuous improvement across all academic staff by focusing on aspirational goals.

All suggestions and comments will continue to be reviewed and can be sent to or via the ‘Contact’ tab on the Academic Excellence web page.