UNSW goes platinum for 70th birthday

06 Mar 2019
UNSW 70th

To celebrate UNSW’s 70th birthday, DEx has designed a new platinum graphic for use on events, digital, web and print collateral.

UNSW turns 70 in 2019!

To celebrate, the Division of External Relations (DEx) has designed a new graphic that can be used in various ways, including events, digital, web and print collateral.

The globally recognised gift for a 70th anniversary is platinum (because it’s a rare and durable metal which makes it highly valuable and precious) and this has been incorporated into the graphic design. 

Rather than create specific 70th anniversary events, there are already significant events happening at UNSW in 2019 which will be used to further promote the 70th and can feature the new graphic.

These include celebrations to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Alumni awards dinner (28 May), Shanghai summit (15 June) and Town and Gown (17 October).

If you’d like to use the new graphic for an event or other application, and for more information about using the graphic, please visit brand.unsw.edu.au/70th.