Replace, reduce or refine our use of animals in research

01 Oct 2019
animal welfare

New and generous UNSW 3R Grant Scheme aims to encourage research into technologies that will improve animal ethics and welfare.  

UNSW will spend up to $150,000 in 2020 to support science-based projects with a primary goal of replacing, reducing or refining the use of animals in biomedical research. This generous level of funding places UNSW as a global leader in this field of research.  

The principles of the 3Rs are central to the ethical conduct of research involving animals and are defined in the Governing Principles of Australia’s animal research code as: 

  • the Replacement of animals with other methods 

  • the Reduction in the number of animals used 

  • the Refinement of techniques used to minimise the adverse impact on animals. 

While there has been support for this initiative both inside and outside the scientific community, there has been very little funding available to support research specifically into “the 3Rs.” 

“This grant scheme shows an outstanding commitment by UNSW to the welfare of animals used in research,” says Mr Malcom France, UNSW’s Director of Animal Services, Division of Research, “The funding on offer is easily in a league of its own among Australian universities and is on par with major schemes internationally.” 

Strategies that show the greatest promise for replacing the use of animals will be given priority, however the scheme will also recognise strategies likely to make a significant contribution to reducing animal numbers, refining research procedures or advancing evidence-based best practice in animal welfare. 

Find out more about the scheme. Grant applications close Monday, 14 October.