UNSW Philanthropy launches monthly newsletter

01 Oct 2019
Philanthropy news

UNSW Philanthropy recently launched its first-ever University-wide Philanthropy Newsletter. 

The Division of Philanthropy (Alumni, Engagement and Development) is responsible for mobilising UNSW’s global community of over 315,000 alumni, managing relationships with UNSW’s donors and volunteers, and raising philanthropic funds to support the University’s 2025 Strategy.  

These efforts have attracted vital support, through funding and volunteering, of many UNSW initiatives such as advancing critical research, modernising campus facilities, and supporting key EDI programs like scholarships, Nura Gili and ASPIRE, to name a few.  

The new newsletter is a chance for staff to celebrate the alumni success stories and philanthropic endeavours that transpire from the UNSW community.   

“I encourage you to subscribe to learn more about philanthropy and engagement at UNSW.  The newsletter features stories that show how the Division is helping to positively transform our university and achieve the objects of our 2025 Strategy at a greater velocity”, said Mr Jon Paparsenos, Vice-President, Philanthropy. 

“Many of you will already be working with Philanthropy on a regular basis, but to some, our work may be relatively unknown. Through this newsletter, we hope to keep you informed of our progress and present opportunities to collaborate” 

Some of the highlights from the first edition include: 

Please note: The Philanthropy newsletter is for internal audiences only and is not to be shared outside of the University. For any questions about the newsletter, please contact b.gardiner@unsw.edu.au