Why is being cyber savvy and security conscious important for UNSW staff?

01 Oct 2019
cyber awareness

UNSW staff are the last line of defence in combatting cyber attacks.   

Cyber attacks are a growing threat to UNSW intellectual property, important data, and the privacy of our students and staff. While the Cybersecurity team has sophisticated controls in place to protect UNSW against cybercriminals, it’s important to understand that cyber savvy UNSW staff are the last line of defence against social engineering and cybersecurity attacks. 

Phishing for example, is a common tactic used where cybercriminals send malicious emails designed to trick people into falling for a scam. The intent is often to get targets to reveal financial information, system credentials or other sensitive data”, said Peter Cooper, Director of Cyber Security at UNSW.   

The UNSW IT Cybersecurity team is implementing a cyber awareness campaign that will be rolled out at UNSW over the coming months.  During the campaign staff will receive an email message from the Cybersecurity team with training and support information. 

The cybersecurity awareness program is essential for all UNSW staff and is one of many steps UNSW IT is taking to improve the overall digital security for UNSW and its employees. 

What to do if you believe you have identified a cyber attack? 

If you believe you have identified a potential cyber attack, please contact the IT Service Desk immediately on 02 9385 1333. 

Where can I learn more? 

The UNSW Cybersecurity Awareness Training site provides helpful information about the on-going cybersecurity awareness training and contains information to help demystify complex cybersecurity concepts for the everyday user. 

If you have any general questions related to cybersecurity, please contact the Cybersecurity Awareness Team via email at cybersecurityawareness@unsw.edu.au