UNSW joins alliance to make Parramatta a global education hub

26 Apr 2021
Parramatta alliance

UNSW Sydney has joined an Australian-first alliance of government and leading universities to promote Sydney's west as a global destination for educational excellence.

The City of Parramatta has launched the ground-breaking EducateAT Parramatta Alliance, uniting universities that have a presence in Parramatta to advocate for, and attract talent to, the Western Sydney region.

"This powerful alliance has one key goal: to help Parramatta become the best city in Australia for students to study and succeed," City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer said.

"EducateAT Parramatta is our shared vision for Sydney's Central River City - a thriving hub of academic excellence, jobs growth and opportunity for the people of Western Sydney and the world."

UNSW Dean of Engineering Professor Stephen Foster attended the ceremony to sign the EducateAT Parramatta Charter at Western Sydney University's Parramatta City campus, along with Cr Dwyer and representatives from Western Sydney University, University of Sydney, University of New England, Swinburne University of Technology and the Western Sydney Local Health District.

“We are proud to partner with the City of Parramatta and Western Sydney University as well as other universities in this important alliance. We welcome the opportunity to contribute our academic expertise to help position Parramatta as a world-class education and innovation hub of Sydney,” Prof. Foster said.

Under the charter, alliance members will develop a range of projects to: position Parramatta as a destination for educational excellence; advocate for more affordable student accommodation and better transport options; link students with industry; and improve the city's liveability and sustainability.

UNSW will take up tenancy in the world-class Engineering Innovation Hub in Parramatta in 2022, and in partnership with Western Sydney University, engage in joint teaching and entrepreneurship activities.

The two universities are developing a custom-designed, 15-storey vertical hub at Hassall Street in the Parramatta CBD to house a joint undergraduate engineering program, as well as corporate offices.

“The Engineering Innovation Hub and EducateAT Parramatta are just two ways in which UNSW has committed to creating graduates with a global outlook who also have local links and connection to the community,” Prof. Foster said.

Images and a copy of the EducateAT Parramatta Charter are available here.