Thank you for your feedback in Phase two of the Insight survey 

21 Aug 2023
Illustration showing a white speech bubble being held by four hands against a yellow background

Thank you to everyone who completed Phase two of the Insight staff survey. This survey was designed specifically to hear the important views of staff who are employed on a casual basis at UNSW. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.

The survey closed on 2 August and reached 23% participation. There was a total of 1,181 staff from across most Faculties and Divisions who completed the survey, with 2,923 written comments also provided. The data from this survey has given us a strong starting point as we review the results.  

Key findings 

The UNSW overall engagement score for our casual staff cohort was 81%. This was evident through higher scores for indicators such as pride, motivation, and enthusiasm to advocate for UNSW.  

When it comes to the strengths to celebrate, 92% of you acknowledged that you feel that you are treated with respect at work and 91% of you agreed that you have the autonomy you need to do your job effectively. Similar to our Phase one survey for fixed-term and continuing staff, we had an excellent result in personal responsibility and safety. Specifically, 91% of you agreed that you understand your own health and safety responsibilities to look after yourself and your colleagues in the workplace. This indicates everyone’s focus on health and safety over the last year, so thank you to all for your efforts. It also for me demonstrated the generosity of the UNSW spirit, with essentially all of us committed to looking after the wellbeing of each other.  

You have also told us that our biggest opportunities to improve include how we collaborate across UNSW and how we demonstrate that people are important to our success, which was also a theme in the first phase of the Insight survey.  

Other opportunities for us include the way we take action based on your feedback, with only 55% of you believing that action will take place because of this survey. We want to again reassure you that we, along with the Senior Leadership Team, are genuinely committed to responding to your feedback and for all our staff to see meaningful changes as a result.  

Next steps

Over the coming month, we will continue to share results with leaders in Faculties and Divisions so that they can review and analyse the responses provided, before sharing the insights with you. In September, we will share a video that covers the UNSW overall results in more detail. We look forward to keeping you updated as we progress.