Return and earn at UNSW

18 Apr 2018
Reverse Vending Machine, Physics Lawn

UNSW Sydney is the first educational institution in NSW to operate a reverse vending machine for refunds on recycled bottles and cans under the NSW Government's new Container Deposit Scheme.

The bottle return facility supports and rewards the UNSW community - students, staff and neighbours - to do their bit to help reach the State Government's target of a 40% reduction in the volume of litter by 2020.

"This facility will not just help reduce litter and provide a refund facility for the UNSW community, but will also help us to reduce the number of disposable containers from going into our general waste stream," said UNSW Sustainability Manager, Arifa Sarfraz.

Start earning today

Most beverage containers with capacities between 150ml and three litres are eligible for a 10-cent refund provided they are made from glass, plastic, aluminium, steel or liquid paperboard (cartons).

There are three options at the machine for your 10-cent refund:

  • Digital refund: receive a refund to your account via PayPal.
  • Retail refund: receive a voucher which can be redeemed for cash or put towards shopping at Woolworths supermarkets.
  • Donate your refund: refund directly to a selected charity or community fundraiser.

Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and have the original label attached. Wine, spirits, cordial and plain milk containers are generally not eligible. If a container is not eligible for a refund, please use a recycling bin.

Further information

UNSW's Bottle Return Facility is located near the Old Main Building (K15) entrance next to the Physics Lawn.

For any questions or if you would like further information on the Bottle Return Facility or the Container Deposit Scheme, please contact UNSW Sustainability: