UNSW Business School ranked 1st in the world for Risk and Actuarial studies

15 May 2019
Business school

UNSW Business School has topped the new Global Research Rankings of Actuarial Science and Risk Management & Insurance.

Set up by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL), the global rankings list the top 50 business schools worldwide based on the number of papers published in leading insurance and actuarial journals between 2014 to 2018.

UNSW Business School led the list with 60 published articles. Five Australian universities were named in the top 50.

“This is an excellent result for the Business School,” said Professor Michael Sherris, founding Professor of the Actuarial Studies program at UNSW.

“One of our aims, when we set up the program, was to have an impact internationally in terms of our research. Over the past 5 or 10 years we’ve seen that pay off as more UNSW graduates move into top finance and investment positions. This number one ranking is the result of 20 years of hard work by academics in the school, the success of research grants and success in recruiting and hiring good people who do ground-breaking research.”

UNSW Business School Dean Professor Chris Styles said it was gratifying to see the quality of UNSW’s research recognised globally.

“To be top in the world for research in Actuarial Science and Risk Management & Insurance is testament to the Business School’s continued focus on producing quality research. My thanks to all the academics involved for their outstanding contribution – a fantastic result.”

This is not the first time the UNSW Business School has ranked number one internationally for a specific discipline. For the past 12 years, it came out on top in the Brigham Young University’s rankings of auditing research.

The leading journals tracked for the Actuarial Science and Risk Management & Insurance rankings include: Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI); Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (IME); North American Actuarial Journal (NAAJ); ASTIN Bulletin: The Journal of the International Actuarial Association (ASTIN); and Scandinavian Actuarial Journal (SAJ).

For more information visit the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website.