UNSW announces salary increase and one-off payment for staff

07 Jul 2022
UNSW announces salary increase and one-off payment for staff

The salary increase will take effect in July 2022, with one-off payments following in August.

In March 2022, UNSW commenced negotiations for new Enterprise Agreements for both academic and professional staff. While the existing Agreements will continue to apply until they are replaced by new Agreements, there are no further salary increases to be paid to staff under the current Agreements. 

While negotiations continue, UNSW recognises the impact cost of living increases have on individuals and families. With no further scheduled pay increases in the current Agreements, an administrative continuation of the current EA pay increase of 1% for eligible staff has been approved.

This salary increase will take effect from 8 July 2022 and is consistent with the pattern of bi-annual pay increases under the existing Agreements. 

In addition, UNSW will provide all staff (continuing, fixed term and casual), excluding members of the Senior Leadership Team, with a one-off payment of up to $1,000 plus applicable superannuation.
 This one-off payment will be made in the pay period ending 4 August.

Please see the FAQs on the HR Hub for more information on the one-off payment and 1% pay rise, including eligibility details.

It is expected that a further salary increase will be made once new Agreements have been reached later this year or early next year and staff are encouraged to stay informed and engaged as the negotiations progress. 

The dedicated Enterprise Bargaining page on the HR Hub is updated regularly. There is a feedback form for any questions or feedback regarding the Agreements. All UNSW staff are encouraged to engage with this year's EA process to ensure fit for purpose Agreements which support the UNSW community into the future.

Our sincere thanks to you for your incredible contribution and ongoing commitment to the University and the important work we do for society.