myTimesheet: UNSW is introducing a new timesheet system in 2024

07 Dec 2023
Close up of a laptop on a wooden table and a woman in a mustard sweater with her hands on the mouse

The initiative is part of the University’s commitment to ensure staff are paid accurately, fairly and on time for the work they perform.

UNSW is committed to accurate and timely pay for our employees and takes our compliance with employment obligations extremely seriously. 

What action has UNSW taken?

In 2024, UNSW is introducing a new time and attendance solution that will enable all employees to record their time accurately and be paid accordingly. This will replace a number of localised and customised timesheet systems. This will better support the University in processing our contracts and pay processes, and will help us align with best practices within the higher education sector. Most importantly, it will enhance our compliance with the Fair Work Act and our new EAs.

What is the new system?

Our new time and attendance system is called myTimesheet, which will allow casual academic and casual professional staff to easily submit their timesheets each fortnight, and for continuing and fixed-term staff to submit overtime (and extra hours), on-call, shift claim and time off in-lieu requests in the new system.

When does the new system go live?

myTimesheet has an anticipated go live in Term 3 2024 across our Sydney and Canberra campuses, with UNSW Canberra targeting a transition to myTimesheet for casual academic staff for Semester 1 2025. A similar staggered approach is anticipated for any ongoing hexamesters, short courses and other alternate academic delivery rhythms. 

When will I know more about the myTimesheet project?

The project team is engaging with the UNSW community, taking a cascading approach starting with Faculty and Divisional leaders. From early January 2024, you will receive invitations to a series of Q&A sessions where you will learn more about the project, how it will impact you and the support and training available for you and your team for successful adoption of the myTimesheet system.

Where can I learn more about the project?

Please bookmark the website myTimesheet project to access ongoing updates. 

You can also ask any questions by emailing: