Home drives are being phased out this year

23 Jun 2023
Hands on a laptop computer

If you have documents and files saved in your ‘home’ or ‘H:\’ drive, you can start to review your files in preparation for the migration to your OneDrive.

After the successful migration of student home drives, the next phase of migrating data from network drives to the UNSW cloud solution is about to start. The migration of all network home drives from the UNSW network to UNSW OneDrives will start in July and be completed by October 2023.

Training and support on H:\ drive migration steps will be available from mid-July. Details on how to access this support will be available soon.

What is a home drive?

A “home” or “H:\” drive is a folder on the UNSW network that no one except you can access. You can save documents and files here.

A screenshot of the H drive

What will I need to do?

If you have files saved in an H:\ Drive, you will need to take action between now and Sunday 1 October 2023. In preparation for the migration, you can commence housekeeping on your H:\ drive now by reviewing your files and preparing the files you intend to migrate to your One Drive.

Training and support on the migration steps from your H:\ drive to your One Drive will be available mid-July. This information will be shared in the next Inside UNSW article.


In 2024 UNSW will migrate  shared drives on the network to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. More information will be provided later this year to assist you to prepare.