Help keep UNSW’s data safe

27 May 2024
Graphic showing shield to symbolise data security

The Data Risk Management Project is identifying ways we can work together to protect the University’s data, including how to responsibly use AI.

UNSW takes its ethical and legal responsibility to protect our student, staff and operational data seriously. We are committed to ensuring that everyone at UNSW has access to the appropriate knowledge and tools to manage data and keep it safe.

In late 2023 the Data Risk Management Project (DRMP) commenced, with the goal of identifying ways to reduce UNSW’s data risk. Feedback to the project team identified an opportunity to revise the existing data governance policy and framework to make it more accessible and understandable, with practical guidance to help people know and fulfil their data management responsibilities.

New Information Governance Policy

The new Information Governance Policy will consolidate the following areas and provide simplified guidance:

  • data management
  • research data management
  • privacy
  • record keeping
  • cyber and information security.

Responsible use of AI at UNSW

The project team is also working with IT colleagues on an update to the Information Technology Policy. The revised policy will incorporate guiding principles on the ethical and responsible use of AI at UNSW and an AI assurance framework.

Both policies will be supported by role-based guidance to assist staff in understanding their obligations in relation to information governance, using UNSW information resources, cloud computing, email and messaging services and AI.

Safer student reporting

Another DRMP initiative to assist staff is the creation of a more secure and streamlined method for accessing student reporting via Power BI. This method will limit the potential for a data breach while enabling staff to continue their work uninterrupted. If you are a SiMs download report user and want to ensure your specific needs are addressed, please email the DRMP team.

Key points to remember

Consult the updated Data Breach Policy and Procedure and report any suspected or confirmed data breaches immediately to IT at

Refer to the guiding principles on the Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW when using AI tools.

Watch out for information and guidance on designing, building and operating AI systems in a safe manner. We will shortly be launching the UNSW AI Self-Assurance Framework, which will support us in the responsible and ethical deployment or development of AI systems.

Do not share UNSW data with public generative AI products such as ChatGPT or personal Copilot accounts.