Get On Track this winter and take steps for a healthier life

06 Apr 2021
Get On Track this winter

Sign up to the health and wellbing challenge to get you moving.

The Get On Track Challenge is a free online team-based challenge to help you increase your daily physical activity level and your fruit and vegetable intake.

You can use your own tracking device to monitor your steps, then enter them on the website. Syncing is an option for Garmin, Fitbit and Jawbone devices.

Fruit and vegetable intake is also logged and steps are allocated for them – plus you get a bonus step allocation if you meet your recommended two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables in a day!

We've named the UNSW Get on Track Challenge the ‘Local Challenge’. It will be open to all students, staff and family members of UNSW students and staff.

Teams of up to four people will move along a virtual track. This year, we are undertaking the Great Northern Adventure across the Northern Territory, walking from Uluru to Kakadu! You can follow along on the map and see where your team is in relation to all the other UNSW teams.

Ravit Danieli-Vlandis is a long-time participant in the Global Challenge and a Wellbeing Champion from the School of Population Health. She said, "I am very excited to participate in this challenge again. As we all are coming back on campus, it is so important to keep moving and eating healthy, keeping us motivated and strong. I'm hoping to encourage our students to join this challenge as it is a great way to connect with others and improve mental health. If you haven't already joined, I urge you to get in there and experience the fun and see the results. It is the best friendly competition and I hope we manage to do this every year!"

The Local Challenge will begin on Monday 31 May and run for 12 weeks, finishing on Monday 23 August.

If you'd like to participate in this year's Local Challenge, now is the time to start putting your team together. Once you have a team, your Team Captain can register it here and then send a unique URL to the other team members.

If you don’t have a team, you can create your own or register for any open teams at the same link.

For more information about the Local Challenge, visit the Wellbeing website here.

Contact Wellbeing Coordinator Liza Poppert for any further questions about the program.