New UNSW3+ academic calendar goes live

23 Jan 2019
UNSW Undergraduate Students

Monday 18 February marks the commencement of the UNSW3+ academic calendar, a major milestone in the University’s 2025 Strategy.

Following a two-year implementation period and an extensive period of business transition across every part of the University, UNSW will begin teaching to its new academic calendar from Monday 18 February. 

The much-anticipated launch of UNSW3+ is one of the major implementation milestones of the University’s ambitious 2025 Strategy. 

Students began enrolling in their new courses from October last year after a program of activity which saw all content refreshed and realigned to the new 10-week teaching calendar. 

Deputy Vice Chancellor Merlin Crossley acknowledges the significant amount of work undertaken by staff as part of the transition to UNSW3+ to ensure students can enjoy the benefits of this distinctive new model of education. These benefits include the improved opportunity for students to plan their academic year by enrolling annually; better alignment with the northern hemisphere calendars; increased opportunities for internships, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities; and a more focused academic experience with students taking up to three rather than four courses per term. 

“This is the biggest change I’ve seen at UNSW and will provide a better experience for our students,” Professor Crossley said. “I’m proud of and grateful to everyone who has been involved in shaping and implementing the new calendar – it’s entailed refreshing our entire curriculum and our systems to make us ready for the future. 

“2019 will continue to be a period of transition while we embed many of the new systems and processes, however we’ve left no stone unturned in ensuring we’re prepared and have put support in place while the new calendar is inaugurated.” 

Please be reminded of the following key dates for your diary: 

  • O-Week starts on Monday 11 February 

  • Week 1 starts on Monday 18 February and is a full teaching week 

  • Term 1 exams end on Saturday 18 May 

  • Term 2 starts on Monday 3 June 

Faculties have created a number of support tools for the coming months, including large poster-size calendars and readiness check lists for 2019.  

Staff should contact the UNSW3+ team or their UNSW3+ reps if further information about Term 1 readiness is needed.