The Media Centre for Education Research Australia and UNSW partnership

07 Aug 2019
UNSW Scientia

UNSW Sydney is a Gold Sponsor of the Media Centre for Education Research Australia (MCERA).

MCERA is an independent organisation devoted to raising the profile of education research in Australia.

Formed in 2017, MCERA brings media attention to the research and expertise of over 100 academics, with a cumulative reach of over 29 million. Their work has facilitated major research impact, with services including crafting media strategies to promote research, gathering expert responses to topical issues, and putting journalists in touch with the most relevant experts for their stories.

“In an era of fake news and shrinking newsrooms, MCERA helps individual researchers communicate with the media, and empowers journalists and the public with accurate information on education issues,” said MCERA CEO Dr Shannon Schedlich.

As UNSW is a Gold Sponsor of MCERA, the organisation offers several services free of charge to UNSW staff, including consideration for rapid responses to media issues, articles on your research for distribution to schools, and public promotion of your research through the composition and distribution of media releases.

“You do not need to be part of the School of Education or a senior academic to work with MCERA,” said Dr Schedlich.  “We are interested in working with any academic who has completed peer-reviewed work in an area relevant to schools, universities, vocational education and training, or early childhood education.

“MCERA makes independent judgements in which research is promoted. We are not positioned to promote everything that comes our way, but we have the utmost respect for academic research and expertise,” said Dr Schedlich.

How to get involved

  • Sign onto MCERA’s expert database to signal your interest in working with them, and to be considered for expert comment and referrals to journalists.
  • Register your upcoming publications here.
  • Contact MCERA with any questions you may have at or on 0434 436 084
  • See testimonials page for researchers’ views on working with MCERA.