UNSW top for entrepreneurship and addressing research challenges

08 Nov 2022
UNSW top for entrepreneurship and addressing research challenges

Academics shine in The Australian's annual list of best researchers and research institutions and UNSW rated best in the country for producing successful start-up companies. 

UNSW Sydney’s entrepreneurial edge has garnered another recognition with The Australian declaring the University ‘the best at producing successful entrepreneurs’ in its 2023 Research Awards.  

The publication rated UNSW first in Australia based on the proportion of successful entrepreneurs among its graduates in the past decade. UNSW topped the list with 105.  

“UNSW is the clear winner, with 105 VC-funded founders per 100,000 graduates over the past 10 years. UNSW, which has made a major effort in recent years to boost the start-up community in the university, also has the highest raw number of graduate founders who have attracted VC funding – 143 in the past decade,” wrote The Australian’s education editor, Tim Dodd.  

The Australian’s 2023 Research Awards, published in its 2023 Research magazine, identify the best researcher and the best research institution in 250 different fields of research over eight different disciplines. They also recognise institutions that are equipped to solve research challenge areas and are successful in founding start-ups that have gained venture-capital funding.  

UNSW also performed strongly in the magazine’s newest feature identifying the top five universities and organisations that are best placed to address 10 key research challenges that are crucial for Australia’s economic development, future security, and community well-being. UNSW placed in the top five in six major challenge areas, including three firsts: in renewable energy, quantum technology and cybersecurity.  

Professor Nicholas Fisk, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research & Enterprise said such recognition speaks volumes to the University’s entrepreneurial expertise and aligns with UNSW’s commitment to solving some of the world’s most wicked challenges.  

“Spinouts and start-ups are part of the equation when translating our world-class research into solutions,” Professor Fisk said. “UNSW is powering research and technologies that have and will improve the lives of people around the globe. It’s rewarding to see such positive outcomes from our focus not only on translational impact, but also on entrepreneurship and commercialisation.” 

Top 250 researchers 

For the fifth year, the Research magazine has included The Australian’s annual listing of the top 250 researchers. Using publicly available data chiefly from Google Scholar with the assistance of research analytics firm League of Scholars, the list of field leaders is compiled by taking Australian-based researchers whose papers published in the 20 top journals in their field in the past five years have had the most citations. 

The top Australian institution in each field is determined by the most citations from research published in the top 20 journals in that field in the past five years. 

UNSW researchers lead in 24 fields – placing UNSW second in Australia – and UNSW as an institution leads in 23 fields, placing UNSW third nationally. Two UNSW researchers led in two separate fields each, Professor Louisa Degenhardt and Professor Vlado Perkovic. UNSW was named the top-performing institution in six fields each in Engineering & Computer Science and Health & Medical Sciences, five in Chemical & Materials Science, three in Social Sciences and one each in Humanities, Literature & Arts, Physics & Mathematics, and Business, Economics & Management.