Bringing safety to life on campus with Think safe - Be safe - Home safe

10 Nov 2022
Bringing safety to life on campus with Think safe - Be safe - Home safe

Unpacking the new UNSW safety motto and what it means for students and staff.

At UNSW, safety is core to all we do – it’s of the greatest importance and our first priority.  UNSW is committed to providing students, staff, visitors and guests with a safe and healthy place to work, study and collaborate.

To achieve this commitment, we must work together to identify and eliminate physical and psychological safety risks. We want to empower everyone to implement best practices, acting in accordance with relevant legislation and Australian Standards.

Think safe

Whether you’re working in an office or studying in a classroom, lecture theatre or lab, before you begin an activity it’s important to take a moment to consider any potential safety issues:

  • For students - plan your activities and experiments before you begin, so you can assess any safety risks and access relevant safe work procedures or training.
  • For staff - think about what you do and how it impacts others. Do students or staff under your care have appropriate training in the tasks they are undertaking?

Be safe

We all need to do our work and study safely. There are a number of ways we can make safety a priority, to ensure we keep ourselves and others safe, both physically and psychologically. 

  • Had a spill? Cordon off the area with safety signs so no one slips while you get a mop.
  • Getting something down from a tall shelf? Don’t reach - do it safely with a ladder.
  • Entering one of our labs or workshops? Make sure you and everyone working in the area is wearing the appropriate PPE.
  • Using equipment? Check if you need to be trained in its use and complete your equipment training before you use it.

Home safe

Accidents and injuries on campus are a poignant reminder that neglecting safety can have dire consequences, not just for us and our colleagues, but for our families too. In addition, we want all our students and staff to get to and from UNSW safely every day.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and together we can create a proactive health and safety culture across all our campuses.

Watch this video from Professor Atilla Brungs, our Vice Chancellor and President, on safety at UNSW. 

For more information about incident reporting at UNSW, check out our safety page. Or, if you need to report an incident, log on to our safety management system.

Remember – Think safe - Be safe - Home safe.