Are you running an event or program for current students in Term 2 this year?

05 May 2021
Improve how you communicate to students

Get in touch with the Student Information & Communications team to ensure your initiative is communicated to students.

Did you know that there is a weekly all-student newsletter sent during term? It is personalised, curated during the term weeks, and delivers news and information to students based on their profile – students receive their news based on whether they are new to UNSW, are undergrad or postgrad, international or local, as well as based on their degree programs and faculties.

The Student Information & Communications team is highlighting more virtual events and opportunities in Term 2, available to students who remain offshore and are looking for ways to stay connected to UNSW student life. If you have something to showcase, whether it’s on-campus or virtual, or a combination of both, please get in touch.

You can find links to past editions of UNSW Student News here, and the publishing schedule for Term 2 here. For any submissions or questions, you can contact the team here.