New website highlights UNSW’s focus on educational excellence

18 May 2020
Homepage of UNSW Education site

A new Education at UNSW website showcases our commitment to quality teaching and learning

The website, launched by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education (PVCE) Portfolio, targets external audiences, future students, prospective staff and the higher education sector. It showcases how educational excellence is supported, enhanced and celebrated across UNSW.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of this new website, as it allows us to celebrate and tell the story of education at UNSW,” said Professor Rorden Wilkinson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience.

“It is absolutely clear that UNSW has been investing huge amounts of work and effort to drive enhancements to our teaching and learning. Our faculties and central divisions have worked together to support our educational endeavours over the last decade. We know it, but do others?

“We want our peers and stakeholders from across the higher education sector, as well as prospective staff and students, to be able to see at a glance how we go about delivering and improving the student experience. The new website allows us to bring this work together and showcase how educational excellence is supported, enhanced and celebrated at UNSW – and that is very exciting.”

Education website showcasing Scientia Education Academy


The website has been developed as a collaboration between the teams within the PVCE Portfolio and the Division of External Relations. One of the key collaborators on the project was Associate Professor Louise Lutze-Mann, Director of Education Focussed Career Development within the PVCE.

“In addition to allowing us to showcase our educational work, the new website also acts as a directory, providing one central ‘umbrella’ for all existing education-related sites, including the Teaching Gateway,” said A/Prof. Lutze-Mann.

“The Teaching Gateway has been used by the UNSW education community for many years and it will remain our internal platform for hosting resources for teaching and education support staff. The new education website is externally facing and has a very different purpose. It links out to the Teaching Gateway, where appropriate, and we will continue to work on ensuring that the two sites complement each other seamlessly and effectively to serve their dedicated audiences.”

The longer term aim is that the new website will also allow UNSW to feature all the great work that happens on the education front within our faculties.

“Up until now, there has been no dedicated, outward-facing web platform for our faculties to showcase what they do at the coalface in enhancing educational excellence and delivering quality teaching and learning,” said A/Prof. Lutze-Mann.

Prof. Wilkinson added: “We look forward to working with the education community across our faculties as the website develops into the future.”

You can visit the Education website here.