2020 academic promotions update

18 May 2020
Scientia Lawn

Application details have been finalised for 2020 promotions to professor, associate professor, senior lecturer and lecturer.

Promotion to professor

Associate professors and equivalent academic research staff (Level D) are invited to apply for promotion to professor/academic research staff (Level E).

Year 2020 documentation must be used and can be found on the HR Hub.

Applicants should read the following documents on the HR Hub before completing the relevant application forms.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 situation, the Summative Peer Review of Teaching will not be a mandatory requirement for applicants for this year’s round. However, applicants are still able to submit a valid peer review report with their application if they wish to do so. Further information can be found at the Summative Peer Review of Teaching website.

Please consult extensively with your head of school and dean before applying.

Key dates:

  • Submit your application electronically to the appropriate contact person in your dean’s unit by Monday 20 July. No late applications will be accepted.

  • Faculty promotion committee meetings (applicant interviews) will be held between 1 September and 30 September. They may be held on Teams or Zoom depending on changing circumstances. Applicants will be informed of any decisions regarding interviews as soon as possible.

  • An information session for potential applicants will be held on Friday 12 June from 9am – 3.30pm via Teams. For further details about this session and the other support programs visit the HR Hub.

Please contact Academic Promotions Manager David Gleeson for further information or assistance.

Promotion to associate professor

Submit applications electronically by the due date to the appropriate contact person in your respective dean’s unit where they will be acknowledged and recorded.

Key dates:

  • The submission date for applications has been extended until Monday 1 June.

  • The interviews skills workshop planned for Friday 26 June will be held on Teams.

  • Faculty promotions committee meetings (applicant interviews) scheduled in July will still proceed although it is most likely that these will be held on Teams unless circumstances change.

Promotion to senior lecturer

The senior lecturer round is well underway with formal requests for confidential referee reports being solicited by HR. Applicants must ensure that they have sent a copy of their application to their nominated referees.

Key dates:

  • The interview skills workshop on Friday 22 May will be held on Teams.

  • Faculty promotions committee meetings (applicant interviews) scheduled in June will be held on Teams.

  • Dates for the faculty committee meetings have been finalised. Reach out to the appropriate contact person in your dean’s unit for details.

Promotion to lecturer

Key dates:

  • In early July, the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic will email all deans, heads of school and directors of research centres to announce that the 2020 round has opened for applications.

  • Applicants will need to submit their applications by Monday 17 August.