Highest myExperience satisfaction with teaching

25 May 2021

T1 2021 results show that for a second term in a row, UNSW Sydney students rate their satisfaction with teaching higher than ever before. 

T1 2021 myExperience data were released recently and the proportion of students who rated their overall satisfaction with courses and teaching positively is at all-time high for a second term in a row.

More than 55,000 responses for course surveys and 90,000 responses to teaching surveys were captured from undergraduate and postgraduate students across 1250 courses.  

85% of undergraduate students and an impressive 90% of postgraduates rated the teaching they received positively.* These are our highest results ever and the first time we have had outcome of 90%!  

87% of undergraduate and 90% of postgraduate international students rated teaching positively. These results highlight our commitment to delivering excellent teaching to our students including the many who continue to study offshore.

Participation rates are also the highest ever. 50% of UNSW students took the time to share their views in the myExperience survey, a record since the survey began in 2017.  

Professor Rorden Wilkinson, Pro Vice-Chancellor Education & Student Experience said: “These results highlight the outstanding teaching provided by our community. They recognise the passion and dedication of colleagues in providing a challenging and engaging learning experience that our students clearly value. 

“I am also delighted to see the high level of participation from our students this term. UNSW works collaboratively with its student body, incorporating their feedback to continually enhance the student experience. I would like to thank our students for their engagement and advocacy of myExperience.”  


We’re listening. In T1 students provided over 60,000 comments across both course and teaching surveys. All comments are read by staff in schools and faculties and inform initiatives designed to enhance student learning experiences. 40% of positive comments in the teaching survey stated that the guidance and support provided by academic staff were the best elements of teaching at UNSW.  

Prof. Wilkinson added, “Our T1 quantitative results are excellent and worthy of celebration, but they also tell us about what we can do better. They point us to the specific areas that need close attention and on which we will be focused as we head into terms two and three this year.” 

We’re acting on insights. Drawing on the insights of the last year, and the counsel of our students and staff, we have developed our new education and student experience strategy -- Listening, Challenging, Supporting. The strategy is designed to continuously improve our student experience. It commits us to working closely with all of our community to make sure every student at UNSW has the experience they deserve, and that they graduate fully prepared for the futures that lie ahead.

Reports for T1 2021 were released on Thursday 20 May and are available on https://myexperience.unsw.edu.au/. If you have questions on your report, please contact the surveys team at myExperience@unsw.edu.au

* Ratings of agree and strongly agree to the question “Overall I was satisfied with the quality of this person’s teaching.”