Announcing UNSW’s 2019 Scientia Fellows

20 Feb 2019
Scientia building

Thirty-seven new Scientia Fellows will pursue research excellence at UNSW.

Congratulations to UNSW’s 37 new Scientia Fellows appointed from 2019:

Art & Design

  • Fabri Blacklock
  • John McGhee

Arts & Social Sciences

  • Michael Salter
  • Margaret Raven         
  • Kevin Lowe
  • Elizabeth Thurbon
  • Jessica Whyte


  • Abigail Powell
  • Gabriele Gratton
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Yan Xu

UNSW Canberra

  • Daoyi Dong


  • Jin Zhang
  • Jing Yu
  • Dorna Esrafilzadeh
  • Priyank Vijaya Kumar
  • Hamid Alinejad Rokny
  • Michael Patrick Nielsen
  • Alison Ciesla
  • Xunyu  Lu
  • Mitchell Harley
  • Fiona Johnson


  • Ben Milligan


  • Nadeem Kaakoush
  • Aliza Werner-Seidler
  • Gail Matthews
  • David Jacques
  • Elissa Deenick
  • Natasa Gisev
  • Orazio Vittorio
  • Rohina Joshi


  • Laura Smiles
  • Martin Peeks
  • Martina Lessio
  • Mariana Mayer Pinto
  • Sarah Martell
  • Sophie Primig

The key distinctive features of the Scientia Fellowship Program include a tenure track fellowship with a career pathway commitment that has unprecedented flexibility. Scientia Fellows have access to a range of development opportunities relevant to career stage across research, teaching and leadership, with a significant support and collaboration package.

“The Scientia Fellowship Program is one of research excellence. We are attracting the best researchers capable of showcasing to the world that we are a leading global institution,” says Professor Ana Deletic, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who oversees the Program.

This is the third year of the Program, which continues to meet the goals set by UNSW’s 2025 Strategy: to be among the leading research-intensive universities worldwide, known for innovative, pioneering research that has a global impact.

The Program has received more than 1,800 applications and appointed 100 fellows to date. This includes 35 targeted positions for Women in STEMM, Indigenous and interdisciplinary researchers. Of the 37 fellows who will start this year, 25 are already on-board. Four of the 2019 appointments are from top 100 overseas universities: ETH Zurich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University College London and Columbia University. 

Read more about UNSW’s Scientia Fellowship Program.