Planning an event? Use our new toolkit for the UNSW Events Community

22 Nov 2023
Leighton Hall

This one-stop shop will help staff plan and organise successful events at UNSW.

The new UNSW Events Community site is a useful resource and guide for everything you need to know when planning and organising an event. This new site replaces the old Events Toolkit folder structure.

The site caters for events of any size, type and mode, providing advice and processes on how to organise and coordinate a successful event. On the UNSW Events Community site you can:

  • download templates for signage, run sheets and branded marketing
  • set up an Eventbrite account without incurring subscription fees
  • organise your event to be promoted on the Events website
  • learn how to make your event accessible and inclusive for everyone
  • access links to catering, photography, videography, parking, travel and much more.

We recommend you visit the site regularly to stay up to date with the latest event requirements.

For more information and questions, please email: