Read your essential guide to campus operations during shutdown

27 Nov 2023
Kensington campus

UNSW’s Estate Management has compiled information on what’s open and closed during the holidays. 

The UNSW year-end break begins at 5pm, Tuesday 19 December 2023, and the University will reopen on Tuesday 2 January 2024. As in previous years, Estate Management (EM) is implementing streamlined building access and a reduction in services during this period.  

Here’s a summary of the building access arrangements and services available during the UNSW year-end break. 

EM help desk 

The EM help desk phone number 02 9385 5111 will continue to operate 24/7 during the year-end period. Emails sent to will be answered when the University re-opens on Tuesday 2 January 2024. 

Building access 

All buildings on campus will operate in secure mode. Swipe access will match your existing access on Sundays. Staff and HDR students must have permission to be on campus, with approval required from their Dean or Divisional Head, or their delegate.  

Some spaces within buildings may be locked down at the request of the Faculty or Division. These areas will be inaccessible to students and staff. These arrangements were also in place last year-end break. 

If you have been granted approval to be on campus and you currently don’t have Sunday access, please arrange for your manager or admin team to request the access by emailing before Thursday 14 December 2023. After this date we cannot guarantee access will be added to the card. During the year-end period there will be no ability to add access to your card.  

The Law Library will remain open, with reduced operating hours from 9am to 5pm daily (except on Christmas Day). 


There will be a full clean of all buildings at the end of the year. The last full clean will be the night of Tuesday 19 December 2023. Kitchen areas, bathrooms and general waste bins will be serviced daily only on the floors in buildings staff and students are occupying. 

There will be no other cleaning services during the UNSW year-end period. The full cleaning service will recommence at the end of the break. 

Waste collection 

There will be no scheduled waste collection for buildings during the year-end period. Waste collection will occur for all buildings directly prior to and at the conclusion of the break. 

General waste collection from external collection points will continue as normal, excluding public holidays. Paper and cardboard waste won’t be collected during the UNSW year-end period. 

Chemical waste collection is not scheduled during the year-end period unless specifically requested as urgent. The last scheduled chemical waste collection for 2023 is Thursday 14 December 2023. Biological waste will only be collected from the bio-dock waste room during the period, excluding public holidays. Permanent skip bins will not be serviced unless arranged prior to the break. 

Air conditioning 

During the year-end period, air conditioning will continue for business-critical requirements. Areas that are non-research critical spaces (such as office areas) won’t have air conditioning, unless an exemption has been requested. Buildings with standalone air conditioning systems will operate as normal. All other units will operate on after-hours mode, which will require push button activation. 


Lights will be switched off for all buildings. Lighting can be switched on manually if required. A selection of lighting around campus will remain active for security purposes. 


UNSW Security Services will continue to operate 24/7 throughout the year-end period. For assistance during this time visit the Gate 2 Security Office (High Street). Alternatively, please call 9385 6000 or in an emergency, please call 9385 6666. 

Emergency contacts 

If you are listed as an emergency contact within your Faculty, School, Division or Business Unit, please verify that your details are correct on myUNSW. The updated information will automatically update with the new Archibus emergency contact list. In the event that you may not be available during the year-end period, it is important to update the Archibus emergency contact list with the correct details. 

Critical Incident Team 

The Critical Incident Team (CIT) will continue to operate throughout the period uninterrupted. For any emergencies or incidents please contact the Security Control Room on 9385 6666. 

Mail Centre 

The Mail Centre will be closed during the UNSW year-end break. It will close at 4.30pm Tuesday 19 December 2023 and reopen 8.30 am Tuesday 2 January 2024. The last collection for mail being sent and courier bookings will be Monday 18 December 2023. Incoming mail to UNSW will be suspended during these dates. 


Relocations are available if arranged with General Services, with an Archibus request submitted no later than Friday 15 December 2023. Requests submitted after Friday 15 December 2023 won’t be actioned during the year-end break. Furniture re-use is not available during the break. 


Grounds contractors will be on campus throughout the year-end period, except for public holidays. 


Estate Management appreciates your cooperation during the shutdown period. 

We wish all our stakeholders a happy, safe and relaxing festive season and look forward to welcoming you back to campus in 2024. 

For more information, please contact Estate Management: 

T: 02 9385 5111