Creating an inviting, functional and fit-for-the-future campus

27 Nov 2023
Future campus

The Future Campus initiative is playing a key role in realising Estate Management’s aim of providing world-class spaces.

The initiative is delving into the University’s current and future space needs to plan and provide spaces that enable the strategic objectives of the University, under four space pillars:

  • Education & Student Experience
  • Research & Entrepreneurial Campus
  • Workplace
  • Campus Experience.

For each pillar, Future Campus is setting out principles, encapsulating the common aspirations and provisioning approach for our spaces, and guidelines which translate the principles into functional design. Future Campus alongside Faculty and Division strategies and plans, space audits and demand forecasts will inform the Campus Masterplan Strategy and Strategic Asset Management Plan.

What we have achieved so far

In 2023, we have made progress in these areas:

  • Cross-University pillar working groups for each pillar have finalised the definitions and scope and formulated draft space principles.
  • Pilot projects in the Workplace and Research & Entrepreneurial Campus pillars have been initiated which will explore and test the application of drafted principles and guidelines.
  • Early consultation with Education leaders, aspirational academics, teaching support staff and students have been conducted, which is feeding into the Education & Student Experience Principles and Guidelines, alongside student survey and focus group outputs.
  • Benchmarking and exploring inspirational spaces via literature reviews, surveys and tours covering UNSW and other universities.
  • Campus Experience visioning workshop and audits of campus accessibility, gender neutral facilities and parents' rooms have been undertaken.

Have your say

Thank you to those who have already contributed to Future Campus. Work to prepare the principles and develop guidelines is ongoing for each of the four pillars for wider consultation in early 2024.

For more information or to provide feedback, please visit Future Campus or contact