Enrol in a new staff module to better support students in distress

24 Nov 2023
People walking on main university walkway

Learn how to recognise the signs of distress, offer support and encourage help-seeking behaviour.

At UNSW, we prioritise the mental health of students and staff. We recognise that we all play a role in noticing and acting when someone is in distress.

For staff working directly with students, you may notice changes in a student’s behaviour, participation in classes or their grades. The signs of distress can be different for everyone.

As part of our Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, we promote early intervention for at-risk students and encourage help-seeking behaviours. A whole-of-University approach to mental health is critical.

The Health and Wellbeing team have developed Supporting Students in Distress, a Moodle module that walks student-facing staff through the steps to support these students and the services available at UNSW.

In this module, you will learn: 

  • the academic, mental and physical signs of distress, including frequent absences, falling asleep in class or seeming withdrawn, and how to spot them in your students
  • how to reach out to have an initial conversation and listen to a student’s concerns
  • about the support services available for students and how to connect students to them.

Connecting students experiencing distress with appropriate student services can make a big difference in their experience of life and study. You can be that link and help students access support before their distress escalates.

Who should enrol?

All staff who work directly with students are encouraged to complete this module.

Find out more about the Supporting Students in Distress module and other courses and support available for staff.