Tips to keep your data safe and tidy

27 Nov 2023
Data governance

As we approach the end of the year, now is a good time to focus on administrative tasks such as ensuring we are collecting, using and managing data in accordance with UNSW’s Data Governance Framework.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you meet your data governance obligations.

Data breaches


  • Put your files in the right place. Identify UNSW records in your home drive, share drives or email folders and move them to a UNSW System of Record.
  • Get approval before disposing. Before disposing of any hard copies or digital versions of UNSW records, talk to Records & Archives about the correct disposal method.
  • We must not keep records longer than we need them. Review records that contain personal information, especially identity documents like passports and drivers’ licences, and assess whether they need to be retained.


  • Keep your Teams files secure. Use these tips to clean up your Teams folders and ensure the information in your folders is secure and easy to navigate.

OneDrive and SharePoint

  • This week, we will be updating the default settings for the file and folder sharing capability in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. The default will be changed from the current setting of ‘People in your organisation’ can edit and view the shared file, to ‘Specific people (only the people the user specifies)’ can view the shared file.
  • This change will reduce unintentional sharing of data at UNSW. It will not affect files that have been shared previously. You can always change the setting, as required, at the time of sharing.  

Register for OneDrive and Microsoft Teams training

Additional training sessions are available to help staff get the most out of OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. These sessions will focus on how to keep sensitive information safe and secure.

The training sessions are online and 45 minutes.

UNSW staff can register for sessions on the following dates:

  • 6 December, 12pm
  • 13 December, 12pm