Make sure your data is safe in chatbot conversations

26 Apr 2023
Graphic of Chatbot icon

Information shared in AI assisted programs have the potential to become public.

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots, such as ChatGPT, use the data submitted by users to train and improve their AI models. Chatbot conversations are typically stored for future review and are accessed by the platform operators to ensure compliance with legal and safety obligations. Chatbot conversations may also be used to improve the platform’s underlying AI model, and can be incorporated into the training data used in responding to enquiries.

You should assume these conversations aren’t private and any information you submit has the potential to become public later.

In that context, you mustn’t share sensitive UNSW data with these platforms, particularly anything that could be used to identify or harm an individual or the University. This includes personal details such as names, email addresses and contact information, as well as financial information or health records.

For more information, read the University’s Data Classification Standard.