Data breach? Think and act fast to protect privacy

10 Jul 2018
person frustrated from data breach

Everyone at our university has a role in guarding against data breaches. You should speak up quickly if you suspect data security is being violated.

If you see a breach of data at UNSW, or even suspect data could be vulnerable, you should report the situation to your Data Breach Representative immediately.

A data breach occurs when personal information is lost or subjected to unauthorised access, modification, use or disclosure, or other misuse.  It is vital a breach is dealt with immediately to minimise its impact and prevent a recurrence.

As one of Australia’s leading universities, UNSW manages a significant amount of personal data across a large number of systems, across administration, teaching and research.

The university takes privacy and cyber security seriously and has developed a Data Breach Policy and established a Data Breach Management Committee.

When you report an actual, potential or suspected breach to your Data Breach Representative, you ensure proper management of the incident by the Data Breach Management Committee.

Please reach out to the Data Governance Team if you have a query related to data breaches or general questions around data governance at UNSW.

More information: Data Governance