Design Thinking course explains new ways to innovate

10 Jul 2018
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Now is the time to register your interest in a new short course that explains how to think creatively and drive innovation.

If you want to become a more innovative thinker and worker, there are a number of activities and learning opportunities offered by the University to help you develop your skills. 

Tools, videos and materials are available on the Values in Action hub, and you can register for a creative solutions workshop, or learn how to design your most effective work day. You can also participate in a Design Thinking course. 

These development opportunities are offered as part of a spotlight on Drives Innovation, one of our Values in Action, the set of behaviours adopted by the University to guide how we interact with our colleagues, students and the community.  

The pilot Design Thinking short course comprises online and face-to-face sessions which encourage participants to think creatively and develop solutions by understanding their stakeholders and putting people at the centre of innovation. Delivered in about 11 hours over six weeks by AGSM, the highly experiential course focuses on developing a deep understanding of your stakeholder. The design way of thinking can be applied to products, systems, protocols and customer experiences. 

Participants completing the course and assessment will be eligible for a digital badge, giving you credit towards a Certificate in Executive Management and Development. 

Jeffrey Tobias, the course facilitator and AGSM Fellow, is an accomplished innovation strategist and thought leader whose career has spanned the worlds of academia, big and small business, government and research.  Jeffrey works with organisations to improve the customer experience and create value by transforming the way they do business.   

“Participants will greatly benefit from learning how they can apply new tools and ways of thinking to their real-world challenges.  The future is about being responsive to our stakeholders’ experiences – their pains and gains,” Jeffrey says. 

The course will be conducted initially as a pilot, with a limit of 30 participants. Click here to find out more and express your interest. Expressions of interest close on 20 July and the course starts on 30 July with access to an online module. 

For more information on the Values in Action and upcoming events, please visit the new Values in Action hub

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