UNSW Staff Parking Survey Results  

17 Sep 2019

Find out what our staff had to say about parking on campus.

A UNSW staff parking survey was conducted in June, as part of the review of the parking and traffic strategy on campus. 

This review focussed on identifying opportunities to improve the experience for our customers, including staff. This is especially important given the light rail is expected to commence by the end of the year.  

All current 2019 UNSW staff parking permit holders were invited to complete the survey. The results have provided insights into areas that can be improved and what factors are most important to staff when parking on campus. These results will help inform the parking and traffic strategy.  

Results included: 

  • Positive engagement with carpark users with over 1000 responses of which almost 80% indicated they parked daily on campus. 

  • Approximately 30% of respondents indicated that they would likely regularly use the light rail once it commenced.  

  • UNSW’s current parking offering was viewed positively in terms of safety, location of carparks and the current permit system. 

  • Areas of improvement were the cost of parking, size of bays and the time to exit the carparks. 

Estate Management is studying the results of the survey and has identified opportunities to improve the parking experience for staff, including: 

  • The introduction of new technological solutions that improve flexibility of parking arrangements (which could improve the overall parking cost for users) and make it easier to secure a carspace. 

  • Amended zoning that improves time to exit the carparks and provides greater diversity for parking bays. 

Further updates will be provided as Estate Management completes its parking strategy.