A new online look and feel for Data & Information Governance

01 Jul 2021
Person using laptop

Data & Information Governance launches its transformed and updated website.

The Data & Information Governance Office is pleased to announce the launch of the new Data & Information Governance intranet site here.

Data governance is the organisation and implementation of policies, procedures, structure, roles and responsibilities which outline and enforce rules of engagement, decision rights and accountabilities for the effective management of information assets.

Data and Information Governance at UNSW is supported by policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and frameworks, and information about these can be found on the Data & Information Governance intranet.

The new intranet site provides information about:

  • Links to data governance policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.
  • Information about data sharing agreements.
  • A section on research data governance is available on the site here.

The public Data & Information Governance website will continue to exist, but internally oriented information for staff members has now transitioned to the Data & Information Governance intranet.