Brand corner: Our Collective Difference

16 Mar 2020
students on walkway at UNSW

Our Collective Difference, both who we are and what we’re able to achieve together, makes us UNSW.

Following our recent article on UNSW’s refreshed brand, this week we take a closer look at the idea behind the new creative approach, ‘Collective Difference’. 

Collective Difference reflects the unique perspectives of our people, place and purpose and is designed to ensure we occupy a distinct position in the market from other universities. 

It is not a tagline and won’t be used like ‘Australia’s Global University’ has been used in the past. Instead Collective Difference provides a new brand proposition, an internal framework to inform our messaging, our tone of voice and refreshed visual identity. It’s designed to help answer the question ‘why UNSW?’ for all audiences. 

Collective Difference builds on UNSW’s current motto, ‘Scientia Manu Et Mente’ or ‘Knowledge by hand and mind’ and introduces ‘heart’ to encompass ‘diversity of thought’, ‘integrity’ and ‘community’.  

It reflects market research and discussions with staff and students over the past year as part of the Brand Project led by the Division of External Relations (DEx).   

Research revealed people still strongly connect with our origins and our academic and research excellence. But they also saw the need for us to better express our social impact, inclusivity and deep connections with the community. 

In the hyper-competitive and difficult environment we now face it’s important that we are embracing not only our strengths as one of the most comprehensive research-intensive universities worldwide, but also what we offer on an individual level to our students, staff and partners.  


DEx has worked with individual faculties to develop tailored propositions which build on Collective Difference. These reflect faculty strengths and competitive points of difference for future student marketing and recruitment campaigns.  

UNSW HR has also completed work around our proposition for new and existing staff, more of which will be revealed in forthcoming editions of Inside UNSW. 

Over the coming year, we will be looking at how we best embed this new framework across our communications, campaigns and everything we do. 

Where do I find out more? 

Visit the UNSW Brand Hub to find out more on Collective Difference and to access our new visual and writing style guides. 

You will also find a range of new basic templates including an updated email signature banner to reflect our refreshed visual identity.  

Download the email signature and more here