How should we be using generative AI in our teaching?

20 Feb 2023
Mobile phone and laptop

With the rise of ChatGPT, UNSW Sydney is responding to the hot topic of generative artificial intelligence (AI) with resources to support teaching staff. 

Generative AI has been much discussed in the teaching community lately and the conversation is constantly developing. UNSW academics will need to consider what this technology means for education and their teaching practices, especially around assessment. 

Professor Louise Lutze-Mann, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience, said, “At UNSW we are always keen to explore the potential of new technologies in education and how to help students recognise their advantages and limitations. The emergence of this technology offers many opportunities for reshaping how we teach but can also pose challenges for academic integrity and assessment design."

“The key resources we have created and collated provide staff with ideas for incorporating Generative AI into teaching and feedback, and its use in providing personalised learning experiences for students. Given students’ access to this technology, it also has statements to clarify the University’s position on the use of generative AI in Term 1 assessments, developed with input from educational leaders from each faculty.”

You can find a wealth of resources in this dedicated SharePoint site. They include UNSW’s current guiding principles for generative AI in learning, tips on dealing with it in assessments, as well as recordings of discussions and various perspectives from colleagues. 

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