Updates on UNSW’s cyber security

20 Feb 2023
Two people working at a computer

Improved security for UNSW workstations and servers 

CrowdStrike is being rolled out to all UNSW IT-managed devices, including computers, laptops and servers. This state-of-the-art software will provide an incident response service and manage threat detection.

To ensure your UNSW workstation has this protection, please connect it to the UNSW network and run any security updates presented. If working from home, please connect your device to the VPN.

CrowdStrike will provide improved security for our devices and will provide notifications if a potential threat is detected. If that happens, CrowdStrike will prevent it from being realised and will create an alert with UNSW IT Cyber Security Operations. 

In the coming months, CrowdStrike will be extended to UNSW owned (non-IT managed) workstations and servers.

New Cyber Security Awareness eLearning module

This year, UNSW will introduce a new Cyber Security Awareness eLearning module that will be mandatory for all staff. The module will help us improve our awareness of cyber security threats and develop good cyber-savvy behaviours to protect you and the University.

Improving endpoint security 

Updated security policies relating to UNSW IT-managed laptops and computers will also be rolled out in early 2023. The new policies aim to reduce cyber security risks through laptops and computers used by staff to access University systems and networks.    

You may notice some changes in what you can do on your UNSW IT-managed device. We will provide more information on these upcoming changes and what you need to do closer to the launch date. 

Cyber Security Framework 

An updated Cyber Security Policy, Acceptable Use of UNSW Information Resources Policy and Supporting Cyber Security Standards have been approved.

Recent briefing sessions have been held to inform leaders across our University what it means for them and their teams.  

The program is now working with Business Owners and key leaders across faculties and divisions to implement the Policy Framework.

Cyber security program

If you would like to know more about the program its various projects, please visit the Cyber Security Resilience Program website or stay in touch via the program Yammer channel.  
All UNSW Cyber Security information is available on the MyIT website.