The new UNSW Finance Policy has launched

14 Feb 2024
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The new policy, part of the University-wide Policy Transformation Program, is now in effect. 

The Finance Policy Transformation Project, led by the Chief Financial Officer Libby Stratford, has delivered a new Finance Policy for UNSW. In collaboration with the Strategic Projects and Operations Team (SPOT), and working with representatives from all faculties and divisions throughout 2023, UNSW Finance has created a new, simpler and streamlined policy for staff. 

“UNSW Finance has enjoyed working with stakeholders across the University to deliver a trust-based policy framework that aligns with the University’s new delegations and appropriate approver projects of 2023.

“The new policy simplifies guidance for staff on how to manage expenses and other finance-related activities. It focuses on the high-level rules guiding financial activities at UNSW. We encourage staff to use the UNSW Finance intranet for their day-to-day activities – including travel expense allowances for meals and accommodation, business expense guidelines and details on credit card use,” said Libby.

The Finance Policy states UNSW’s principles and objectives for expenditure and financial management and procedural requirements for:

The policy links to information on the UNSW Finance intranet and will connect to instruction manuals with University-wide requirements for specific audiences. Redirect notices appear in place of retired documents.

The Finance Policy places trust on those who spend UNSW’s funds and manage its finances. It’s your responsibility to:

  • ensure efficient, effective and ethical use of public money

  • minimise environmental and social harm associated with purchases, procurement and travel, and look for opportunities to make a positive environmental and social impact

  • influence suppliers and organisations, in which UNSW invests, to improve environmental and social responsibility and sustainable practices

  • manage UNSW’s financial investments responsibly and ethically

  • keep records so decisions and transactions can be audited and demonstrate compliance with the Recordkeeping Policy.

Visit the Finance intranet for more information about the key changes.

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