UNSW launches 'Progress for all' brand campaign

14 Feb 2024

The campaign highlights our mission to drive positive societal impact.

Over the past year work has been underway on Project Symphony, an initiative that aims to increase UNSW’s impact through strengthening our reputation across our many audiences. Many people in our community have contributed to an evidence-based and collaborative approach to clarify what is central to who we are and the impact we have in the world, and to strengthen how this is communicated.

This work has culminated in development of a new brand framework that centres on the idea of ‘Collective Progress’, driven by our hearts (pursuing a just future), hands (delivering practical and entrepreneurial solutions) and minds (technical minds that pushing boundaries). This speaks to the truth that when you join UNSW, you are joining a community that is committed to making positive social progress that benefits everyone.

Over the coming weeks, a new campaign launches, and this video is the first of many elements that will be released. The campaign recognises our community’s contribution to building a better future through an academic environment that inspires outstanding students and academics to excel.