New video outlines the focus of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience portfolio

Professor Rorden Wilkinson

PVCESE portfolio's new structure reflects the University's strategic aim of supporting the UNSW community in delivering an exceptional education and student experience.   

The 2019 Strategy Update underscored the University’s commitment to educational excellence and placed emphasis on delivering a world-class student experience. Professor Rorden Wilkinson was appointed as the new Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience (PVCESE) in February 2020 and has led the transformation of central teams involved in supporting the University’s education and student experience endeavours.

Situated within the Division of Academic and Student Life, the reshaped PVCESE portfolio provides support services for staff and student communities across all faculties. It is organised into four thematic but interconnected pillars - Education, Experience, Wellbeing and Educational Innovation. This structure reflects and drives forward the new Education & Student Experience strategy, which will be launched in the coming weeks.

In this new video, Professor Rorden Wilkinson outlines the purpose, vision and key areas of focus of the PVCESE portfolio.

PVCESE video


The Education pillar, led by Professor Louise Lutze-Mann, delivers support and development services to students and teachers, oversees academic administration and scheduling, and draws insights from and engages with our learning communities.

It comprises:

  1. Student Success, including staff delivering Equitable Learning and Academic Learning support and the strategic English Language Support initiative;
  2. Academic & Education Focussed Development;
  3. Academic Administration and Scheduling; and 
  4. Educational Insights & Engagement. 

The Experience pillar, led by Associate Professor Leanne Piggott, focusses on curricular and co-curricular activities to support and enhance the student experience. 

It comprises:

  1. Student Life, providing dedicated pastoral care, transition and peer support to all students;
  2. Employability, which includes in-curricular Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and Work Integrated Learning Systems (located within WIL Central), co-curricular programs accredited through AHEGS, such as the Hero Program and Professional Development Program, and the UNSW Careers and partner engagement teams; and 
  3. Co-op, the industry-sponsored scholarship program, which also offers programs designed to enhance students’ leadership and professional development. 

The Wellbeing pillar, led by Neil Morris, has a mission and purpose to support the extra-curricular aspects of student life. 

It consists of: 

  1. Health, comprising the existing University Health Services and a newly established Psychology & Wellness theme including specialised Wellness Support and Triage teams who joined our registered Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists focussed on delivering a more accessible, tiered and agile mental health service to students; 
  2. Sport, Student Life & Communities teams and staff responsible for the implementation of the UNSW Sport Strategy delivering sports programs and experiences from the local level through to high performance clubs and athletes.
  3. Cultural networks, also an existing Student Life & Communities teams and staff, comprises the Music Performance, UNSW Art teams, inter faith and cultural student groups;
  4. Accommodation, to offer consistent service across UNSW Colleges and Halls, an integral part of the UNSW end-to-end student experience and incubator for long lasting friendships and memories for many UNSW students. 

The Educational Innovation pillar, led by Associate Professor Simon McIntyre, serves to propel UNSW forward in the way we teach and engage with students through the delivery of content virtually and physically. 

It comprises: 

  1. Learning & Digital Environments teams, delivering on both physical learning spaces and digital learning capabilities, including media and immersive technologies, media and learning management systems and educational technology support;  
  2. Educational Delivery, comprising the strategy funded Inspired Learning Initiative focussed on key institution wide projects including the Digital Assessment Project, and providing educational design and delivery support;
  3. Online & Short Courses are the teams focussed on the development of flexible offerings for completely online delivery, including full programs and Short Courses.

The Portfolio teams within PVCESE look forward to working with the wider UNSW community, in support of our ambition to deliver a world-class experience for all our students. If you'd like to keep up-to-date with developments, subscribe to our newsletter here